You, We – A new Feeling of Being Alive

appreciate Massage
We offer a new feeling of being alive at your home. The everyday life is ocasionally frenzied, stressful and physically demanding. Your body has to revitalize. Your massage chair at your home. Massage when you want and how often you want.
We are not able to perform magic, but we can assist you in increasing and improving your wellbeing.
We are an international acting, midsized company located in Berlin and offer premium massage chairs of well-known distributors and manufacturers like Panasonic, HumanTouch, Beurer, INADA Family, Alpha Techno and A-Punkt Wellness.

Massage Chairs could be bought everywhere, a feeling of being alive over here.


There are no vacant jobs at the moment.


For preventing questions and to fill the educating gab. Our company name is derivated from the english word „lax“. LAXLY is just the adverb to this word. Matching to our company name, we choose the slogan „MAKES YOU LOOSE“, therefor we are there.