Massage Chairs Series

Massage Chair Comfort Series

Massagesessel Serie Comfort

The Comfort Series contains Massage Chairs of the next generation. They are entry-level models with a cool design, that suits perfect in modern interior design. The remote control is integrated in the Massage Chair. They are available in various colors and are great chairs while not massaging as well.

Massage Chairs Premium Series

Massagesessel Serie Premium

The premium segment comprises models with the highest demands and precious design. They offer versatile massage programmes, that are manual adjustable. Besides them, there are automatic programmes, that combine the single functions. The massage chairs provide Feat-, Leg and Calvesmassage.

Massage Chair Royal Series

Massagesessel Serie Royal

Royal, that are the Massage Chairs of the 3rd series. There won’t be any open wishes, they offer all massage functions for the highest claims. There are a lot of functions and extras e.g. an automatic scan of the Shiatsu-Points. The display of the control panel shows the current massage process. The Quad-Massage technique offers a whole-body massage.

Massage Chair Relax Series

Massagesessel Serie Relax

The Relax Series. They are models with vibration massage and integrated music. The effect aims especially on the vitalization of the spirit. It is not just about loosening the muscles and tensions, it is rather the recovery of body and soul. Grant your body dreamlike rest periods, to find your inner balance and to experience real relaxation.