Massage Chair HumanTouch ZeroG 650

Massage Chair HumanTouch ZeroG 650 black
Massage Chair HumanTouch ZeroG 650 beige
Massage Functions
  • Stretch – Kneading the Back in small circling Movements, concurrent on both sides of the spine
  • Flex – fast changing Tapping along the spine, stimulate Muscles and adjacent Histoid.
  • Flex – Massage of deep Muscles, based on Massage Techniques used at sport medicine
  • Tone – circular Kneading Movements combined with fast changing Tapping Techniques
  • Ease – soft Rolling up and down the Back parallel to the Spine
  • numerous Massage Functions individual adjustable
  • varying Automatic Programmes
  • absolutely Relaxation through Zero Gravity Function
  • rotatable Footrest with integrated Feet- and Calves Massage
  • Body Size Adjustment
  • Restore Function
  • multi-functional Footrest
  • + rotatable, multi-functional usable
    + comfortable Cushion without Massage, exhilarating Calves Massage or soothing Feat Massage

  • a maximum of Seat Comfort
  • + „Neutral Position“ Zero Gravity > healthiest Posture
    + a maximum Relief of the Spine > reduce the Pressure on vertebral Body and intervertebral Discs